Constance Wu, an actor well known for her role in Crazy Rich Asians, says she attempted suicide in 2

Updated: Jul 17

Constance Wu disclosed her attempt at suicide in 2019 after receiving criticism on social media. As she re-entered social media after three years, she announced her forthcoming book.

Constance Wu is pictured in a scene from the movie Crazy Rich Asians in this new picture from Warner Bros. Entertainment. (AP)

Constance Wu, an actress best known for her role in Crazy Rich Asians, has disclosed that in 2019, social media backlash nearly forced her to commit suicide. Almost three years after the tragedy, she spoke out on Twitter about mental health. (Read our review of the film Crazy Rich Asians.)

Constance received backlash in 2019 for her nasty remarks over the revival of her show Fresh Off the Boat. Making a Scene, the author's future book will be released by the actor. She recently stated, "I was frightened of returning to social media because I nearly lost my life from it: three years ago when I made irresponsible tweets regarding the renewal of my TV program, it triggered indignation and internet shaming that went very harsh."

"I felt terrible about what I'd said, and after receiving a few direct messages from another Asian actress accusing me of defiling the Asian American community, I began to believe that I didn't even deserve to live. That AsAms would be better off without me and that I was a shame to them. It seems unbelievable looking back that a few DMs managed to persuade me to commit suicide. Fortunately, a buddy spotted me and took me immediately to the emergency room "Constance made known.

Constance tweeted in 2019 regarding the sixth season of the show, saying "I'm crying right now because I'm so unhappy. Ugh. F**k." She retorted, "No it's not," when a fan dubbed it "wonderful news." The 40-year-old performer recalled the incident's aftermath and how it caused her to "reassess a lot in my life," taking a hiatus from acting to concentrate on her mental health.

The Terminal List, a Chris Pratt television series, featured Constance Wu last. She continued by saying that taking a break from watching movies, combined with extensive counseling, had made her feel "good enough" to resume using social media.

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