Coca cola news | Coca-Cola is hesitant to depart from Russia.

The iconic name of the US soft drink manufacturer will be changed while it stays in business.

According to Mikhail Goncharov, the creator of the Teremok fast-food chain, the American beverage giant Coca-Cola would market its renowned product in Russia under the Dobry Cola name.

"Coca-Cola has informed us that the beverage that was formerly known as Coca-Cola will now be known as Dobry Cola. As reported by Interfax on Friday, Goncharov said, "We'll try to sell it.

He noted that the new soft drink will face competition from Russian businesses that have introduced their colas.

The CEO of Coca-Cola HBC, Zoran Bogdanovich, declared the end of Coca-Cola brand production and sales in Russia in a letter to staff, which was also cited by Interfax.

In March, the US company made intentions to halt operations in Russia, joining the departure of other well-known Western businesses, such as McDonald's, due to sanctions related to the conflict in Ukraine.

Fanta, Sprite, and Schweppes, as well as regional brands including Bonaqua, Dobry, Moya Semya, and Rich juice, were all produced at Coca-ten Cola's factories in Russia.

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