Coach of the U-17 Women's Football Team is summoned from Europe due to "misconduct" with a player

The Indian Under-17 women's football team's assistant coach has been suspended and summoned back from Norway after allegations of "misconduct" with a young player during the team's continuing exposure tour of Norway.

It has been learned that the alleged event has already been reported to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) by the Committee of Administrators (CoA), which oversees the operations of the All India Football Federation (AIFF).

"A misbehavior incident has been reported involving the U-17 women's team, which is presently touring Europe for exposure. The AIFF has a zero-tolerance approach to disrespect. The individual has been provisionally suspended by the Federation as a first step, awaiting additional inquiry, according to a CoA statement.

The statement said, "The AIFF has requested that the concerned individual immediately cease all communication with the team, return to India, and be physically present for additional investigations upon his arrival.

To get ready for the next FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, which India will host from October 11 to 30, the team is now traveling Europe.

Despite the CoA not naming the offender, reports indicate that the minor athlete was coerced into engaging in an "inappropriate" act by team assistant coach Alex Ambrose.

During their successful LG Cup campaign in 2002, Ambrose, at 39, played for the Indian national football team in six games and scored a goal against Singapore. Additionally, he participated in both the home and away games of the 2003 AFC Asian Cup qualifiers against North Korea.

The source claims that head coach Thomas Dennerby saw the alleged "incident," and it was he who promptly alerted the AIFF.

"The CoA acted right away and notified the SAI after Dennerby delivered a report from Europe. The offender was contacted again right away. Since the girl is a minor, Ambrose will also be charged with a crime, according to the source.

Periodically, sexual harassment cases are reported in Indian sports. A female cyclist recently accused the national coach of acting inappropriately while on a training trip to Slovenia. The coach was fired and is the subject of a thorough inquiry.\

During an overseas expose, a female sailor had also claimed that the accompanying coach had made her feel uneasy.

In the meantime, the member associations denounced the event, requested the COA and AIFF administration to launch an independent investigation, and demanded that Ambrose be permanently banned from the sport.

State Associations issued a statement saying that they "would want to urge strict action, including legal and exemplary punishment, a life ban from football, and even the cancellation of his teaching licenses."

State Associations also decided to ask the COA and AIFF administration to appoint a Woman Safety Officer immediately to give women who play and work in football trust in the system, particularly those who work with national teams and at the AIFF home in New Delhi.

Additionally, the member associations sent a "sincere plea" to the administration asking that all-male support workers be swiftly replaced by female employees. misbehavior

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