Whose parents,CM: K'taka Govt would pay for the education of kids whose parents perished in a house

The government has provided financial assistance to the surviving family members of the four victims of the housing collapse, and it will cover all costs associated with the children's education, including dormitory tuition.

Basavaraj Bommai, the Chief Minister of Karnataka, declared on Wednesday that the State would cover the cost of the children who lost their parents and other family members in a landslide in the Muttalli hamlet of Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district. We provided financial assistance to the surviving family members of the four victims of the house fall. Be it dormitory costs or tuition, the government would handle the children's education. After visiting the site where four family members were buried alive under the house that collapsed during a landslide in a neighboring hillock on Tuesday, Bommai informed reporters that if they don't have a house, he has been instructed to build one for them.

The Chief Minister claimed that Muttalli and the neighboring areas of Bhatkal town had never before experienced such heavy rainfall. According to Bommai, it was similar to a cloudburst with 515 mm of rain falling in a six to the seven-kilometer radius, inflicting tremendous loss, particularly for those living beneath the hillock in the low-lying areas where the landslide happened, causing a house collapse that killed four members of a family. It shouldn't have happened that way. The soil has grown loose as a result of laterite mining. The incident was caused by persistent rain. According to the Chief Minister, we will conduct a geological analysis of the area, identify any potentially dangerous homes, and relocate the occupants to safer areas.

He claimed that a loss of between Rs 38 and Rs 40 crore occurred in just one day. Bommai said that to promptly distribute the relief funds, he has directed the deputy commissioner of the Uttara Kannada district to provide a preliminary report on the rain-related damages, including agricultural loss, infrastructure loss, and damage to homes, shops, and shipping vessels. According to him, rain-related losses in at least 14 districts, affecting 115 villages, included 600 destroyed homes, 2,312 severely damaged homes, and 14,578 partially destroyed homes.

Bommai noted that agricultural damage occurred on 21,431 hectares of land. A collaborative survey is required to provide relief because the numbers could also increase, he said.

The State government, according to the Chief Minister,

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