Chuck grassl| GOP chances for a majority are increased by Grassley's decision.

The action increases the likelihood that the GOP will maintain control of his seat in the upcoming midterm elections.

Chuck Grassley's waiting game is finished because he is seeking reelection.

The Republican senator from Iowa revealed on Twitter on Friday morning that he would seek reelection for an eighth time, increasing the likelihood that the GOP will retain control of his seat in the 2018 midterm elections. Republican Party leaders have urged Grassley to run for reelection even though Iowa has been trending red recently and that he just turned 88 this month as part of their larger efforts to win the Senate majority next year, even though.

At 4 a.m. Central Daylight Time, Grassley tweeted his announcement, highlighting his exercise routine and early rise.

"I'm running because it's 4 a.m. in Iowa. Six days a week, I perform it. I want you to know what Barbara and I have decided before I begin the day. In his tweet, Grassley declared, "I'm running for re-election—a there's a lot more to do, for Iowa.

By a margin of 25 points, Grassley easily won reelection to a seventh term in 2016. He will face former Democratic Rep. Abby Finkenauer in the general election in 2018. Republicans might have had to contend with a nasty primary if Grassley had decided to step down.

Finkenauer declared that Grassley's continued candidacy won't deter her.

She added in a statement, "I won't give up and will fight every day in this election to hold Senator Grassley accountable for becoming just another DC politician who can't let go of power and turned his back on families like mine."

The straightforward Grassley is a mainstay in the Senate. He chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee when Republicans blocked former President Barack Obama's choice for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland, and when Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed despite allegations of sexual assault during his committee hearings.

When Trump was in office, Grassley had the position of the most senior Republican senator in the presidential succession. He presently holds the position of ranking senator in the judiciary committee.

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