Chris Hemsworth reveals his brother in Thor: Love and Thunder. Liam Nearly Played Thor

Chris Hemsworth regarding brother Liam remarked, "He was one of the first persons who got right down to the wire on getting the part."

Washington: Chris Hemsworth, a famous actor, has disclosed that his younger brother Liam Hemsworth nearly received the role of Marvel's Thor.

According to E! News, the 38-year-old revealed how close Liam was to playing the Mjolnir-swinging superhero while promoting the most recent Thor movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder don't explore the Multiverse in the same way that other recent Marvel Cinematic Universe films have.

Chris revealed to a media outlet, "It's not a topic we go into in this movie. But who knows if there will be more in the future since, as you say, it has created a wide range of possibilities from which we can choose or be misled."

If the films ever explore the cosmos, he said he'd like his brother Liam to play an alternate version of Thor. "My younger brother nearly landed the role of Thor. He was one of the first persons to order the part right up until the last minute, so I suppose that's how I ran into him. That'll be enjoyable "Chris fessed up. Chris recalled last month's performance during which he hadn't received a call-back for the part following his initial audition. "I believe my audition was terrible. I believe the response I received was that, "said he.

Chris did not advance to the following stage, but Liam quickly took the decision to apply for the job and, remarkably, made it down to the "final five candidates" being taken into consideration.

They said, "Look, he's terrific, but he's still really young. He continued, "I came back in, re-auditioned a couple of times, and just had a new attitude. My manager then remarked, 'Well, he does have an elder brother,' which was me.

Chris eventually joined the MCU, and the 2011 release of the first Thor movie marked his entrance. But Liam didn't exactly get the raw deal because he made his acting debut in The Hunger Games in 2012.

The Hemsworth brothers have demonstrated strong familial ties to the franchise. Luke, the older brother of Chris and Liam, had a brief cameo appearance as an Asgardian actor playing Thor in both Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder, according to E! News.

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