Chris Evans announces the death of his iPhone 6s, and the internet rejoices.

Chris Evans even wrote a lengthy letter to his previous phone as a farewell.

In New Delhi: Aren't we all creatures of habit? Most individuals frequently seek comfort in familiarity, hanging onto a worn-out T-shirt or an old diary. Chris Evans, a famous actor, appears to be no different. We make this statement since the actor, who is well-known for playing Captain America a.k.a. Steve Rogers in various movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has said farewell to his iPhone 6s after many years. Chris Evans even wrote a lengthy statement in homage to the phone as they said their final goodbyes to this relationship that lasted for several years. Without a doubt, the internet hailed the achievement with amusing remarks and answers.

sharing a picture of two different phones, one new and the other old "RIP iPhone 6s," Chris Evans stated. We enjoyed our run. Your home button will be missed. I won't miss the daily struggle to persuade you to charge. or your blurry photos. Or your battery suddenly lowers in a matter of minutes from 100% to 15% to completely dead. A wild ride it was. Relax, buddy.

Actress Octavia Spencer replied to the post with, "OMG! Just last week, I gave up using the home button. The change to the 13 has gone more smoothly than I anticipated. I feel you, buddy.

Kate Beckinsale, an actress, remarked, "Not the grainy images," while Yvette Nicole Brown cried out, "Please tell me you didn't still have the 6?! How could that have happened to you?

Lizzie Broadway, an actress, questioned why she was feeling such delight.

You can be sure that Chris Evans' Instagram account is a wonderful time if his letter of farewell to his cherished phone is any indicator. A few days ago, the actor uploaded a picture of himself on the set of a shoot, surrounded by cute puppies. The actor, Chris Evans, can be seen grinning as the poodles jump up on him and smother him with love. Just a peep, he captioned the image when he shared it.

The actor posted a picture of himself driving a car while his pet dog is perched on Chris Evans' shoulder in honor of National Rescue Dog Day. The celebrity merely included the hashtag "#nationalrescuedogday" and a heart emoji in the caption.

Chris Evans even provided a behind-the-scenes look at a day on the sets of his upcoming movie, The Gray Man, a few weeks ago. He is depicted in the picture with a gory face that a skilled makeup crew made look genuine. Long day at the office, the actor captioned the picture.

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