China targets Taiwan imports, according to media

According to reports, the action was taken in response to Nancy Pelosi's intended visit to the island.

Many Taiwanese food imports have been halted by China, according to Tuesday's news reports. These actions are seen as a reaction to a potential visit to Taipei by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to the island's Central News Agency.

China's government, which regards Taiwan as a part of its territory, has threatened "severe consequences" if Pelosi's visit to the island proceeds.

Companies that make tea, dried fruit, honey, cocoa beans, and vegetables are apparently on the blacklist. The restriction extends to the 700 or so fishing vessels' produce. According to Bloomberg, shipments from more than 100 Taiwanese food exporters have been prohibited.

China last year outlawed the importation of wax, sugar, and pineapple apples from Taiwan. The majority of the fruit grown in the region is consumed locally, but the majority of the exports are sent to China.

Bloomberg cites Taiwanese media as saying that the controversy is the result of out-of-date import papers, and the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration is currently attempting to learn more about the issue.

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