Recent world news China publishes a report on the unification of Taiwan

According to a report, foreign intervention forces Beijing to keep the use of force as a last resort.

Beijing wants to peacefully reunite with Taiwan, but a Chinese white paper warned that interference by foreign nations in domestic issues in China and support for secession on the self-governing island may prevent this.

To accomplish a peaceful reunification, "We will labor with the utmost sincerity and expend our maximum efforts. However, we maintain the right to take any necessary actions and we will not renounce using force, according to the policy statement that was made public on Wednesday.

The contingency, which does not target "our fellow Chinese in Taiwan," is required "to guard against external intervention and all separatist actions," the article claims. Beijing declared that it will only use force if necessary to stop other parties from breaching its red lines.

The white paper outlines China's claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, which is supported by Chinese national aspirations, international law, and Chinese history. It said that over the years, ties across the strait have greatly improved. The ultimate objective of Beijing's Taiwan policy is peaceful reunification within the "one country, two systems" framework, which would permit Taipei to maintain its domestic policies.

The Chinese administration asserted that the ongoing escalation of tensions is contrary to the objectively advantageous course of reconciliation and that it is the fault of anti-Chinese elements in the US. According to the report, they try "to instigate organizations inside Taiwan to cause problems and use Taiwan as a pawn against China."

According to the study, if left unchecked, "[this endeavor] will continue to exacerbate tension across the straits, significantly sour China-US ties, and seriously harm US interests." Beijing, it continued, "will allow no room for separatist operations in whatever form."

The Democratic Progressive Party, which is in power in Taiwan, has "taken a separatist position and coordinated with external forces in a series of provocative moves designed to fracture the country," the daily claimed.

It linked the movement for independence to Imperial Japan's conquest of Taiwan at the end of the 19th century, which served as a focal point for Chinese nationalism. The declaration declared that any attempt to seize the island would be against the desire of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including the 23 million who reside in Taiwan itself.

During the 1940s civil war, which their communist adversaries ultimately won, Taiwan served as the last stronghold of Chinese nationalist forces. The US supported the nationalists and continued to have informal ties with Taipei even after Beijing was granted diplomatic recognition in 1979.

The white paper was released a week after Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, visited Taiwan against Beijing's protests. China began conducting military drills surrounding the island as a result of the trip, which also brought about a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

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