Worldwide news China is upset by the US's arming of Taiwan.

Beijing demands that the United States 'immediately' revoke recent agreements for the sale of missiles and radar equipment.

The proposed $1 billion in weapons supplies to Taiwan have been denounced by China's envoy to the United States, who claims that doing so will harm relations between Beijing and Washington and provide the "wrong signals" to "separatist forces" on the island.

After the fresh arms exports were approved earlier on Friday, Liu Pengyu, a spokeswoman for the Chinese embassy in the US, released a lengthy statement decrying them and asserting that Beijing is "firmly opposed" to any such sales.

The sales would "[interfere] in China's internal affairs and [undermine] China's sovereignty and security interests," Liu said, adding that China "urges the US side to honor its commitment, earnestly abide by the one-China principle,... stop arms sales to and military interactions with Taiwan, and immediately revoke relevant arms sales to Taiwan."

Three separate military sales to the Taiwanese government were authorized by the US State Department earlier in the day: an authorized $85.6 million deal for 100 Sidewinder missiles, a $355 million deal for 60 Harpoon bombs, and a further $665.4 million deal for "logistical and program support" for a radar system made by American arms manufacturer Raytheon. The sales would amount to about $1.1 billion when combined and are awaiting final congressional clearance.

Although Taiwan has long been a self-governing island, Beijing insists that it is a portion of its territory and has promised that the two countries will one day unite. The US does not formally recognize Taiwan as an independent state despite continuous relations between Washington and Taipei, including a recent high-profile visit by Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House.

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