China conducts additional military exercises while US lawmakers meet the president of Taiwan

Sen. Edward Markey led a party of five American senators to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday, prompting irate accusations from Beijing, which referred to the visit as "an invasion of Chinese sovereignty."

BEIJING: As heightened tension in the Taiwan Strait persists following earlier this month's visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taipei, China has conducted new military maneuvers close to the island of self-governing Taiwan in retaliation to the prolonged presence of US politicians on the island.

Sen. Edward Markey led a party of five American legislators that landed in Taipei late on Sunday and met President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday. Beijing reacted angrily and denounced the visit as "an invasion of national sovereignty."

Taiwan, according to China, is a portion of its territory. The mainland's sovereignty is violated by the island having official relations with another nation.

In the sea and the airspace surrounding Taiwan on Monday, multi-service joint combat readiness patrols and combat drills were organized, according to the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) eastern theatre command.

In reaction to Pelosi's visit, the command had just last week completed the largest Chinese military drill ever surrounding Taiwan, during which missiles were fired and warships and aircraft were deployed.

Senior Colonel Shi Yi of the command was cited as saying that the latest drills are "a solemn deterrent to political plays by the US and Taiwan that are harming the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait."

She was reported in the statement as stating, "We will take all necessary steps and tenaciously safeguard national sovereignty and the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait."

Chinese drills, according to Taiwan's defense ministry, started on Sunday.

According to the news website, "at least 22 Chinese military aircraft and six naval vessels violated Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday alone with 10 warplanes exceeding the middle line."

After the US delegation's visit, the Chinese foreign ministry announced in Beijing that it will take decisive action to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, the delegation "overestimated themselves and attempted to undermine the one-China principle."

He stated that their attempts were "doomed to fail."

Wang was described by CGTN, China's official English channel, as stating that "the visit brazenly violated the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, attacked China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and sent a significant wrong signal to the 'Taiwan Independence' forces."

The development of China-U.S. relations and the formation of diplomatic connections both rest on the one-China concept, according to Wang.

Separately, China's Office for Taiwan Affairs warned Taiwan's authorities that they would suffer "serious punishment" if they continued to antagonize Beijing.

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