Breaking world China claims that the US is militarising space.

According to China's Foreign Ministry, the US military is aiming to "transform outer space into a war."

Following the Pentagon's publication of a new policy statement designating space as a "priority domain of national military power," China has charged that the US is attempting to militarise space.

Mao Ning, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, responded to an order from the Pentagon published in late August concerning potential military actions outside of our solar system.

"The US has openly identified space as a domain for conducting an endeavor for a very long time. According to Mao, "this has increased the risks of military miscalculation and conflict because it has built the US Space Force and Space Command, developed and deployed space-based offensive weapons, conducted offensive and defensive military exercises and technology tests, and intensified military cooperation with its allies."

The representative continued by charging that Washington was "stonewalling" a joint Chinese-Russian endeavor to reduce space-based weapons and that it was "further exacerbating the trend of turning space into a weapon and a battlefield."

The new US directive stated that the Pentagon should "protect and defend the use of space for US national security purposes," as well as "deliver advanced space capabilities to deter conflict and, if deterrence fails, to counter and defeat aggression." In addition, the directive recognized space as "a priority domain of national military power."

It "poses a grave challenge to the peace and security of outer space," according to Mao, and "completely exposes the US intention of growing military build-up and war preparedness... in outer space."

"The US should step up to its due responsibilities and stop impeding negotiations for a legal instrument on arms control in outer space," she continued. "The US should respect the shared concerns of the international community, immediately stop the negative moves that could undermine the security of outer space."

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