Worldwide news |China adds further sanctions.

Beijing has referred to seven Taiwanese officials as "independent diehards."

China has increased the number of people on its list of "Taiwan independence diehards" who are subject to sanctions. There were seven more people added to it, including Taipei's de facto ambassador to the US.

Members of the ruling party and the head of Taiwan's security council are also listed among the most recent entries. Beijing previously sanctioned Taiwan's president, speaker of the legislature, and senior diplomat.

Targeted persons and their families are prohibited from traveling to or conducting business in areas under Chinese rule. Beijing said that the list was incomplete and issued a warning that everyone on it ran the risk of receiving severe punishment for their actions under Chinese law.

According to a representative for the Taiwan Affairs Office, "No one should underestimate our strong determination, firm will, and ability to preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity."

A senior member of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party, Lin Fei-fan, expressed his satisfaction at Beijing's decision to put him on the blacklist. On social media, he stated that he saw it as a badge of honor designating him and other sanctioned people as "citizens of the free world."

The Chinese government's action comes amid a diplomatic crisis that was brought on by Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, visiting Taiwan. She was the highest-ranking US official to visit the autonomous Chinese island in more than twenty years.

Taiwan is considered to be part of Chinese territory, and Beijing has accused the US of weakening this principle and promoting separatism. China restricted trade with the island and conducted extensive military exercises nearby. Following her visit, specific Chinese measures were aimed at Pelosi and her family.

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