Charles Leclerc laments that something always goes wrong during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

After taking the lead in the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday before making a pit stop for hard tyres destroyed his chances of winning, Charles Leclerc stated that "there's always something going wrong" and appealed to tires, Ferrari, to continue out on medium compound too.

The 24-year-old Monegasque driver said the choice startled him and cost him the race as Max Verstappen triumphed to extend his championship lead to 80 points.

It might also have cost him any chance of winning the drivers' championship with only nine races remaining following the planned summer break.

When asked the reason behind Ferrari's choice, he replied, "I don't know yet. Because I felt quite powerful on the mediums, I need to talk to the staff and learn the reasoning behind placing the hards.

"Everything was under control until we went onto the hards for whatever reason I don't understand.

"I told on the radio that I was really at ease with the mediums and that I wanted to keep using that tirestiresanalyzeto as long as possible because it felt good, but I don't know why we made a different choice," the driver remarked.

By the halfway point of the race, Leclerc had overtook pole-sitter George Russell of Mercedes and was in the lead by five seconds when Ferrari responded to Red Bull's choice to bring in Verstappen on lap 39.

Leclerc needed a change of compound after running on two sets of mediums and would have liked a set of softs later in the race to position himself for a quick finish.

The timing of his second stop, he insisted, was crucial because he believed Ferrari had reacted to Red Bull rather than sticking to their original plan.

He said, "I feel that my second stay ought to have been longer."

"The first stint was the proper time to stop, and we made the right decision there. However, I'm not sure why we cut the second stint short and went on the hard.

"I'm quite certain that this was a call to put us under pressure, but I don't think we should have reacted to that because then it was a snowball effect for us and we lost a lot more than we should have," the respondent said.

Engine issues, a lack of dependability, a poor strategy, and a mistake by Leclerc himself have all contributed to the champion Verstappen having an easy time defending his championship this year.

He said, keeping his cool, "A race like this is frustrating and we need to get better as a team.

"It seems like there is always something wrong, whether it be dependability, errors, or anything else.

We must improve our ability to plan weekends. We will now strive to make the most of the few days we have to reset while also trying to analyse and understand where we need to improve and what we can do to improve since it is crucial.

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