CDC study: The monkeypox virus can persist on computer mice and coffee makers for days.

According to the World Health Organization, about 7,500 new cases of monkeypox were recorded last week, representing a 20% rise from the more than 35,000 cases that have already been reported from 92 countries and territories.

According to a recent study on monkeypox conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus can persist on numerous ordinary household items for several days despite routine disinfection.

Two patients with monkeypox were housed together for the duration of this trial. The patients often cleaned and sanitized surfaces, washed their hands numerous times daily, and took more frequent showers. Despite this, the virus was discovered 20 days after symptoms first appeared in 70% of high-contact locations. These featured the light switch, a coffee maker, couches, and blankets.

Can you get infected by a surface virus?

The virus found during the investigation was dead, indicating there is a low likelihood that infections will spread. According to the CDC, cleaning and disinfection procedures may have reduced the level of contamination in the home, according to Bloomberg.

Following the study, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised individuals visiting a person with monkeypox to take precautions to keep themselves safe, including "wearing a well-fitting mask, avoiding touching potentially contaminated surfaces, practicing good hand hygiene, avoiding sharing eating utensils, clothing, bedding, or towels, and adhering to home disinfection recommendations."

Close contact with someone who has a monkeypox rash, such as by face-to-face, skin-to-skin, mouth-to-mouth, or mouth-to-skin contact, including sexual contact, can spread the disease from one person to another. It can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets by oral sores, lesions, or ulcers.

Infection via a "dirty environment" is also a possibility, according to the global health organization WHO. For instance, skin flakes or viruses can contaminate the environment when an infectious individual touches items such as clothing, bedding, towels, objects, devices, and surfaces.

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