Canada wins gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games after England is controversially disqualified from t

England was disqualified from the event at the Commonwealth Games 2022 because Jodie Williams' foot was discovered to have crossed the lane during the first changeover with Victoria Ohuruogu.

At the Commonwealth Games 2022 on Sunday, August 7, Canada won the gold medal in the women's 4x400-meter relay. The English team, which included Natassha McDonald, Aiyanna Stiverne, Micha Powell, and Kyra Constantine, finished second after England was controversially disqualified from the race.

The England team, which also included Ama Pipi, Jodie Williams, and Victoria Ohuruogu, felt that they had won by a thousandth of a second over Canada's Constantine. They used Jessie Knight as their anchor.

Knight, Pipi, Williams, and Victoria exclaimed in joy upon learning that they had won the gold medal—their eighth in the current CWG in Birmingham—and burst into tears.

Sadly, the judges discovered Williams' foot had crossed the lane during the first changeover with Ohuruogu. As a result, they decided to disqualify England.

Canada won the competition with a time of 3:25.84. Shiann Salmon, Junelle Bromfield, Roneisha McGregor, and Natoya Goule from Jamaica's team won the silver medal with a time of 3:26.93.

After finishing at 3:30.15, Scotland had to be satisfied with the bronze medal. Zoey Clarke, Beth Dobbin, Jill Cherry, and Nocole Yeargin made up the Scottish team.

The women's 4x400-meter relay featured participants from Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa in addition to Canada, England, Jamaica, and Scotland. During the current CWG, England has won 166 medals, including 55 gold, 59 silver, and 52 bronze.

They come in second place in the medal count behind Australia, which finished the competition with 174 medals (66 gold, 55 silver, and 53 bronze).

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