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Can Be Used AS A Bike From Bicycle To A Boat

A startup named Z-Triton has used a new vehicle Apart from a bicycle, this vehicle also is used as a boat.

World unique bicycle

People all over the world including India are making different multipurpose vehicles using their creativity. One such vehicle is the Z-Triton. It is also a boat with a bike. Apart from the pedal, the electric motor has also been used in this. It has been introduced in select markets of Europe and its price has been kept at $ 16,422 (Rs12,26,621).

Electric motor and pedal options

Users can drive this vehicle with the help of a pedal or with the help of a pedal or with the help of an electric motor. Both these options can be used in flat places and in water. A room has also been arranged for sleeping in this vehicle.

User convenience mode

Keeping in mind the convenience of the users, the tri-cycle mode has been given in this vehicle. With its help, you can use the pedal. It has 250W electric motors, which will have to use electric power to run. The startup claims that two people can easily live in it.

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