Campaign news| Mother of a House candidate gives $2 million to a super PAC.

Ellen Healey gave $2 million to Garden State Advance, a company that was founded in the middle of March.

The majority of the funds raised by a new super PAC for Bob Healey Jr., a Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey, came from his mother.

According to documents submitted to the Federal Election Commission, Wellington, Florida resident Ellen Healey gave $2 million to Garden State Advance, which was founded in the middle of March. The sole contributor, Jonathan Lumbert of Naples, Florida, who has a specialized investment advice company in Philadelphia, gave $25,000.

In the 3rd Congressional District of New Jersey, Healey Jr. won the Republican primary last week and will face two-term Democratic incumbent Andy Kim in November.

Robert T. Healey, Healey Jr.'s father, co-founded Viking Yacht Company with his brother and served as its chairman for many years before passing away in December.

On Tuesday, when contacted by phone, Ellen Healey opted not to comment.

In the last days before the June 7 primary, Garden State Advance spent roughly $45,000 on mailers and text messages to support Healey Jr.'s candidacy, even though it hasn't yet been covered by the media.

As long as they don't collaborate with campaigns, super PACs are free to raise and spend any amount of money to aid or harm politicians.

Inquiries about Garden State Advance's operations were not answered by Peter Sheridan, a New Jersey Republican operative who is identified as its agent.

With almost 53% of the vote, Healey Jr. defeated real estate agent Nicholas Ferrara and former gym owner Ian Smith in last week's primary. Ian Smith rose to small celebrity status on the right for defying state Covid rules. It's anticipated that his battle against Kim will be much more difficult.

In the past, the 3rd District was predominantly Republican. But Kim defeated Republican Rep. Tom MacArthur in 2018 by capitalizing on suburban opposition to former president Donald Trump. After that, he won fairly straightforward reelection in 2020 against Republican David Richter, who shares Healey Jr.'s status as the progenitor of a well-known local businessman.

Democrats won the redistricting battle late last year, redrawing the 3rd District to make it more Democratic-friendly and send some of its more conservative communities to neighboring districts. Kim isn't necessarily secure, though, especially in the face of well-funded opposition due to the negative national political climate toward Democrats. Mercer, Monmouth, and Burlington counties are currently a part of the district.

The Democratic primaries saw little resistance for Kim, a skilled fundraiser. By the middle of May, he had approximately $4 million in the bank, compared to $437,000 for Healey Jr.

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