California recall| Recall survey indicates that Newsom has a good chance of surviving

About 60% of potential voters who were surveyed opposed to calling Newsom back.

According to a University of California at Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll issued on Friday, California Governor Gavin Newsom appears to be in a good position to avoid being removed from office in next week's election.

California recall| Recall survey indicates that Newsom has a good chance of surviving early 60% of potential voters polled opposed recalling Newsom, while only 38.5 percent supported doing so and replacing him with another candidate. Only 1.4 percent of respondents indicated they had not yet made up their minds, suggesting that Republicans may find it challenging to gain considerable late momentum before the election on September 14.

Nearly two out of every five respondents had already cast their ballots, according to the pollster, suggesting that some votes have already been decided. They did point out that, according to survey data, the voters on election day are likely to be in favor of a recall, though not by a significant enough margin to make up the gap. The results for the likely voters have a 2 percentage point margin of error.

Since the last IGS poll, which the Los Angeles Times and IGS funded and released at the end of July, there has been a significant shift in Newsom's support. That survey's findings that the anti-recall campaign only had a 3-point lead over the anti-Newsom forces among potential voters gave Democrats anxiety and prompted them to step up their efforts to gain the upper hand. to stoke enthusiasm among their core fans.

Earlier this week, Newsom campaigned alongside Vice President Kamala Harris in the San Francisco Bay Area. President Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive on Monday to further solidify support for the Democratic governor.

The study conducted on Friday mostly concurs with one conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California earlier this month, which revealed that 39 percent of probable voters were in favor of recalling Newsom and 58 percent against it.

And it's the newest positive development for Newsom, who recently indicated that he believes he is on track to defeat the recall campaign based on recent polling and other signs. Nevertheless, the Republican Party and former President Donald Trump are preparing the framework for a claim that the recall results will be falsified, which could muddy the waters of even a clear-cut conclusion.

According to the most recent IGS poll, Larry Elder, a libertarian talk radio broadcaster, is still the leading candidate to succeed Newsom if a majority of voters decide to call for his recall. According to the Los Angeles Times analysis of the poll, Elder received 38 percent of the likely voters' first-place votes, which is roughly four times more support than the next-closest contender, Democrat Kevin Paffrath. As stated by According to California's recall election regulations, after a recall is called on the first stage of the two-step ballot, a new candidate just needs a majority of votes to win.

After the governor and his supporters made a concerted effort to dissuade other Democrats from running as potential replacements, the poll also revealed that close to a third of likely voters — and nearly half of Democratic respondents — are unwilling to name Newsom as their replacement. This is in contrast to the 2003 recall election, in which then-Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante was on the replacement ballot.

The poll, which was issued on Friday, was conducted from August 30 to September 6. It covered 9,809 registered voters in the state, 6,550 of whom pollsters deemed to be "likely voters."

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