By year's end, the Sensex may reach a new record high of 65000 thanks to India Inc.'s robust develop

By December 2022, the BSE Sensex is anticipated to reach a new record high of 65,000. MarketsMojo's Sunil Damania, Chief Investment Officer, stated

By December 2022, the BSE Sensex is most likely to reach a new record high of 65000, according to Sunil Damania, Chief Investment Officer at MarketsMojo. Sunil Damania stated in an exclusive interview with Surbhi Jain of that India Inc. delivered both on-year and sequential growth in topline and bottom line, showing strength in India Inc's growth story, despite the uncertain global economy, high crude oil prices, and rising interest rates. Sunil Damania told prospective stock market investors that equity markets shouldn't be seen as a way to quadruple their money in a year or less. He advised novice equities market participants to make an investment commitment of three to five years. Here are the condensed interview excerpts.

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