BWF World Championships: Shi Yuqi of China defeats Rasmus Gemke to go to the round of 16

Shi Yuqi of China defeated Denmark's Rasmus Gemke, the 11th seed, on Tuesday to advance to the round of 16 at the World Badminton Championships.

Shi defeated the Dane in the second round in 46 minutes after serving a 10-month suspension and making his competition comeback.

After a lengthy layoff, the 2018 worlds finalist has dropped to position 25 in the world rankings, but he proved to be far stronger than the ranking position implied.

He gave his work a "7 out of 10" rating "gaining one point over his first-round performance.

"I played significantly better than the first match, but I'm still far from my best badminton," "said he.

The first match after his suspension was removed in early July, the Chinese national champion struggled to defeat the lowly-ranked Ade Resky Dwicahyo of Azerbaijan. He had to rally after falling behind 14-9 in the opening game to win, according to Xinhua.

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