Buyer refuses grain shipment from Ukraine - media

According to Bloomberg, the package was reportedly rejected in Lebanon because of a five-month delivery delay.

Due to a five-month shipping delay, the first grain cargo to depart Ukraine's recently reopened ports was turned down by a customer in Lebanon, according to a Monday Bloomberg article.

The outlet reports that the Sierra Leone-flagged ship Razon, which was carrying roughly 26,500 tonnes of corn, is now in the Mediterranean, citing the Ukrainian embassy in Beirut.

The shipment, which was intended for the private sector, is allegedly not connected to the Lebanese government.

The Ukrainian embassy claims that a new buyer for the grain is being sought in Lebanon or somewhere else. According to ship-tracking information, the vessel's destination on Sunday was modified from Tripoli to "awaiting orders."

Ukrainian grain was transported over the Black Sea by the Razon for the first time in several months. Amid conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, who each laid the blame for the disruption, regular shipments were stopped.

Last month, with the aid of Turkey and the UN, Russia, and Ukraine secured a deal to resume sea exports. By the agreement, Turkey is also hosting a special center to manage shipments that include participants from Moscow and Kyiv. To stop the smuggling of weapons into or out of the combat zone, it is their responsibility to inspect vessels.

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