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BSP Released The List Of 54 Candidates For The Sixth Phase

Bahujan Samaj Party has released a list of 54 candidates. In this list names of the candidates have been announced from the seats where elections are to be held in the sixth phase.

Assembly elections are about to begin in Uttar Pradesh. Elections to 403 assembly seats will be conducted in seven phases. In such a situation all the political parties are busy in their preparations. Meanwhile, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has released the list of its candidates for the sixth phase. There are 54 candidates' names on this list.

Names of candidates for 10 districts in the list of BSP

Tickets have been given to Prateek Pandey from the Kateri seat of Ambedkamagar district, Shabana khatoon from Tanda, Akshara Devi Gautam from Alapur, Rajesh Kumar Singh from Alapur, Rajesh Kumar Singh from Jalalpur, Chandra Prakash Verma from Akbarpur.

Declaration of names of candidates for the assembly seats of Basti district

In the list of BSP, along with Gorakhpur, the names of candidates have been announced for the assembly seats of Kushinagar, deoria, Ballia, Ambedkar Balrampur Siddharth Nagar, and Basti districts. BSP has also announced candidates for the seats of Sant Kabir Nagar, Maharajganj and Ballia districts. BSP has fielded Prateek Pandey from the Kateri seat in Ambedkarnnagar district and Shabana Khatoon from the Tanda seat.

From Basti district to Haraiya

BSP has fielded Raj Kishore Singh, Ashok Kumar Mishra from Rugholi, Alok Ranjan Verma from Basti Sadar, Lakshmichandra hardware from Mahadeva (SC) Talking about Ballia, Praveen Prakash from Belthara (SC) Umashankan Singh from Rasra, Sanjeev Kumar Verma from Sikander Pur, kamaldev Singh Yadav from Bansdih and Angad Mihra from Bairia have got tickets.

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