Bruno Fernandes' post-game conversation with Jurgen Klopp is downplayed as being "animated."

After his team lost 2-1 to Manchester United in the Premier League, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp was irate. Video of Klopp and Bruno Fernandes, the captain after Harry Maguire was benched for Manchester United, can be seen in an animated exchange online. After the game, Bruno and Klopp had a talk. The Portuguese midfielder's neck was touched by the Liverpool coach during the meeting, and the two even exchanged some humorous comments.

In the post-game interview, Klopp was questioned about the subject of his talk with Bruno. It was explicitly stated by the German coach that the conversation was not at all "animated."

It was the most innocent chat I've ever had with a gamer, who is obviously just as enthusiastic as I am occasionally. It wasn't animated. Martinez, who was injured in a tackle that was obviously not very severe, was the subject, according to Klopp, who was quoted by the Mirror.

Although Bruno Fernandes played well, some of his decisions drew criticism from both experts and fans. For a flagrant dive inside the penalty area, the Portuguese received a booking in the second half. After Mohamed Salah of Liverpool scored the game's tying goal late on, he also got into a fight with the Egyptian.

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