Britney Spears calls out her sister Jamie Lynn and explains how she should have slapped you.

In response to Jamie Lynn's new memoir and a statement criticizing her sister, Britney Spears has continued her verbal assault.

New Delhi: Britney Spears' Instagram is now public. The singer is now pursuing people she believes were complicit in a system that deprived her of control over her financial affairs and personal decisions after being released from a contentious conservatorship. Jamie Lynn Spears is at the top of Britney's list of people to avoid because she is accused by both the singer and her followers of using Britney's celebrity and backing down when she resisted her father's control of the conservatorship. With Jamie Lynn's new memoir and a statement disparaging her sister, Britney Spears has continued to attack her younger sister in a series of Instagram postings.

Britney Spears described how she returned to her family's house after splitting up with Justin Timberlake on Wednesday and discovered that her sister, who was 12 at the time, was spending her days drinking chocolate milkshakes and floating in the pool. Britney wrote: "How the hell does a 12-year-old land a Nickelodeon show." Jamie Lynn had been granted her show on the network. Britney claimed that the gig rode on her coat-tails. She says her sister should have been "strong enough" to smack both Jamie Lynn and their mother Lynne to cap off her account of what she remembers as entitled behavior on her sister's part.

Imagining Jamie Lynn in her place, Britney Spears wrote in another post, "I would honestly be extremely intrigued to see your gorgeous face in the scenario I was forced to be in and questioning yourself "do I matter?" behavior behavior

The most recent exchange of fire between Jamie Lynn and Britney is in reaction to a post in which Jamie Lynn asserts that her book is not about her elder sister and characterizes Britney's posts as "vague and accusatory." The things being said, according to Jamie Lynn, "are not the truth." here to read her post.

Unfortunately for Jamie Lynn Spears, public opinion is very much against her. After a fan-led 'Free Britney' campaign helped bring the 13-year conservatorship to an end, Jamie Lynn and her parents have been painted as the villains of the story in response to Britney's powerful testimony in court about how the conservatorship left her "traumatized."

Britney Spears, 40, began her career as a child star; nevertheless, her super success as a singer quickly turned into a battle with mental illness and unpredictable behavior in public. Britney Federline and Justin Timberlake had a well-publicized romance before Britney married and had two sons with Kevin Federline. After divorcing in 2007, Britney Spears is currently engaged to Sam Asghari.

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