Breaking news| After a shooter lit a residential building on fire, 4 people died and 2 were injured.

According to authorities, the shooter burned up a "multiple-room renting facility" and waited for people to leave before opening fire on Sunday morning.

According to Houston police, a shooter set fire to a building and waited for residents to exit before opening fire, leaving at least four people dead and two injured.

Police Chief Troy Finner revealed at a press conference that the suspect, a 40-year-old man, had lived at 8020 Dunlap Street for a while and had set fire to a "multiple-room renting business" before opening fire.

Around 1:07 a.m. on Sunday, the Houston Fire Department and the police received many shooting and fire calls. The shooter started using his shotgun as soon as the fire crew showed up, according to Finner.

They had to take shelter, Finner stated, regardless of whether he was firing in their way.

The suspect and a cop exchanged gunfire. According to departmental policy, the seven-year veteran officer has been placed on administrative leave.

One of the four people killed is the suspect. All of the other victims are believed to be males in their 40s or older who resided at the facility. According to Finner, at least five or six additional residents escaped unharmed.

We're told at the scene that the suspect was just advised of an eviction, but I try not to talk too soon "said he. "He's lived here for a while, and I don't know if that was a turning moment for him. However, that is covered by the probe."

Finner pleaded with the people to "get together."

"What's happening in our country is sad, "added said. "I've witnessed things that I haven't seen in 32 years, and it's incredible," repeated itself repeatedly. And the police chief and other top officers are questioned on this. Even now, we are unsure of the reason. But all we need is harmony within the neighborhood.

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