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Brazilian Medical Student Resorted To Negative Report Of Covid For Sex

Not only India, people of the world are fighting the corona epidemic, in such a situation a female sex relation by showing a negative covid report in Brazil.

A Brazilian woman adopted this method for romance

Meanwhile, Brazilian medical student and Instagram influencer Dia Cavaliero has recently made a big disclosure related to her lifestyle. Dia told that she always carries her negative Kovid report with her. move on. He says that people should buy coronavirus rapid test kits from shops and use them before going to parties or gatherings.

Because of this, negative report was used

Diya told that the method adopted here for romance was necessary to keep a test report to go the parties. Dia said that whenever she meets her online dates personally, she shows them her report before romancing with them.

The negative report comes in handy for septi

In today's time, it has become very important to have a rapid test kit like detention and to keep its report with you before having a relationship with an unknown person. This test is done soon and it is very important for the safety of both people. Diya says that she gives the same suggestion to the people with whom she attends one-night stands.

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