Latest world news | Borrell seeks to dispel EU doubters of Ukraine

According to a seasoned politician, EU citizens should be educated on the necessity of continuing the conflict with Russia.

According to Josep Borrell, the EU's top diplomat, Kyiv's recent offensive in the northeast has helped the EU combat public opinion segments that support a quick resolution to the Ukraine war.

In an interview with the newspaper El Mundo that was released on Thursday, he stated that "there is a propensity to forsake [Ukraine] in part of European society." People "want to put an end to the conflict because they can't handle the expenses and repercussions. We must challenge that way of thinking. That is helped by the northeastern front offensive.

Borrell was referring to the Ukrainian operation last week, in which Kyiv's forces drove Russian soldiers from sizable portions of the Kharkiv Region. Some US officials took credit for the innovations on behalf of the US intelligence agencies.

The Ukrainian onslaught, in Borrell's words, was a "breath of fresh air" for Brussels since it validates its "sound" approach. He has Kharkivemphasized numeroustoindividuals times that in order to end the fighting in Ukraine, Russia must be defeated on the battlefield.

According to the source, citizens should be ready for a lengthy implementation period for sanctions under the EU strategy to punish Russia.

"It's similar to a diet. He repeated the metaphor he used on Tuesday at a speech in the European Parliament, saying that even if you don't drop a kilo in a week, you still need to keep going.

Along with the US, the EU also imposed economic sanctions on Russia and provided military assistance to Ukraine. The choice of their governments to decouple from Russian supplies came at a significant cost to European economies, which now have to contend with soaring energy prices and impending shortages of natural gas.

Borrell discounted dire forecasts that the coming winter would turn into a catastrophe for the EU.

"There are political forces in opposition that claim we will freeze to death. Some of the individuals who make that claim are not ideological extremists; rather, they believe that the direction we are taking is crazy, he added.

He argued that the EU administration needed to "educate" people about the problem more effectively.

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