Blake Masters changes his position on abortion in Arizona and updates his campaign website

Before Thursday, Masters, the GOP candidate for the Senate in Arizona, advocated "a federal personhood statute," according to his campaign website.

The day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters tempered his rhetoric and removed harsh pro-abortion restrictions off his website's policy page.

Masters sought to paint Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly as the extremist on the topic in a tweet ad he put on Twitter on Thursday. He called his positions "common sense."

I'm for banning partial-birth and extremely late-term abortions, he stated. "And the majority of Americans concur. Just being on par with other civilized countries would suffice." According to a tracker maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, late-term abortions are incredibly uncommon.

Immediately following the release of the advertisement, Masters' campaign updated his website, tempered his attitude, and rewrote or deleted five of his six positions. NBC News photographed the webpage both before and after the update. After NBC News contacted him to request clarification regarding his views on abortion, Masters' website appeared to have been updated.

As of Thursday morning, Masters' website stated, "I am 100% pro-life."

Now that language doesn't exist.

His support for "a federal personhood law (preferably a Constitutional amendment) that recognizes that unborn newborns are human beings who may not be killed" was also deleted, which was a noteworthy omission.

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