Black Widow's Florence Pugh criticises "flat chested" remarks on a photo of a revealing dress: How o

Updated: Jul 17

Regarding her revealing Valentino dress, Florence Pugh blasted remarks that she had a "flat chest." She said the following. Look at her note right here.

A Florence Pugh wearing a Valentino gown.

Actress Florence Pugh has penned a lengthy letter in which she denounces individuals who body shamed and criticized her for donning a sheer dress. Florence donned the pink tulle dress to Valentino's Rome runway presentation last week. Later, she uploaded pictures of herself to Instagram, where other users publicly shamed her. (See Related Reading | Scarlett Johansson on handing Florence Pugh the Black Widow mantle: "I felt that way from the very beginning.")

Florence just posted a couple more images of herself wearing the translucent outfit on Instagram. "Listen, I knew when I wore that gorgeous Valentino dress that there would no way not be a commentary on it," she said as her caption for the photo. We all knew what we were doing, whether it was a good or bad thing. I was eager to wear it; I had no anxiety at all. I wasn't before, later, or even today. It's been fascinating to observe how simple it is for guys to completely dismember a woman's body in front of everyone, proudly. You even provide your job titles and email addresses in your bio. Although that isn't the first time, The fact that some of you men can be so nasty worries me because it won't be the last time a woman hears what's wrong with her body from a group of strangers. Thankfully, I've accepted the peculiarities of my body that define who I am. I'm content with all of the "flaws" that, when I was 14 years old, I couldn't bear to see.

Many of you wanted to verbally attack me and tell me how disgusted you were with my "small t*ts" or how I should be ashamed of having such a "flat chest." I've spent a lot of time living in my body. I am not afraid of my large breasts because I am well aware of them. What's more alarming is... Why do you fear breasts so much? Small? Large? Left? Right? just one? perhaps none? What. Is very frightening. What changed for you to be so content with being so vocally outraged about the size of my b**bs and figure, I wonder? I'm incredibly appreciative that I was raised by strong, powerful, curvy women. We were taught to look for strength in the folds of 's bodies. to blatantly express comfort. It has always been my goal in this business to respond with "f*** it and f*** that" whenever someone looks to me for an opinion on what's hot or sexually alluring.

"I knew why I was wearing that dress. The answer is that you are the one who doesn't know if it's so simple for you to verbally assault women in public in 2022. Be mature. Regard others. Honor the body. esteem all females. esteem people. I assure you that things will get much simpler. And it's all because of two adorable nipples. Oh! The final slide is for people who feel more at ease covering up that extra inch of darker skin "She finished her post.

Joey King, an actor, wrote: "You are so incredible. You put into words what so many people feel but are unable to express." "Ok, this is what I've been saying go," said actor Aubrey Plaza. You're a magnificent f***ing queen, and we don't deserve you, Jameela Jamil stated.

Florence recently posted photos of herself wearing the garment on Instagram. She said in her caption: "They are technically protected? Having a great time at @maisonvalentino. amazing genius, you. Stunning. Stunning. Beautiful evening. Again, thank you to my lovely team for realizing my aspirations of being a pink princess." Several Instagram users commented on the post criticizing her attire. "Bro am I the only one that thinks that this is not okay?" a person wrote. "I abhor this generation of woke people. The generation today is the most SELFISH and INCONSIDERATE of all. Wow, holy crap. honoring oneself. Does anybody possess it? How about ethics? If someone I knew dressed like this, I would be very ashamed, "read a remark.

Technically, you need a bra, someone else wrote. "In a technical sense, you are exposing your breast to children. There's a reason nudity isn't allowed on Instagram, "read a remark. "Nobody will be rude if you wear a dress that leaves something to the imagination rather than showing the world your chest. Because this clothing is quite ugly. And you wore it because you KNEW people would talk about it. You are aware of it. I stated my opinion, "another Instagram user said.

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