BJP Candidates in UP MLC By-Elections to Win Unopposed after SP Candidate Kirti Kol's Nomination Pap

In the UP MLC byelections, the BJP candidates Nirmala Paswan and Dharmendra Singh are expected to prevail without any opposition. According to early reports, it was discovered that SP candidate Kirti Kol was younger than 30 years old during examination.

The Samajwadi Party (SP) suffered a significant setback and embarrassment on Tuesday when Kirti Kol's nomination papers for the Legislative Council by-elections were rejected.

As a result, Nirmala Paswan and Dharmendra Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are expected to win with no opposition.

According to early reports, it was discovered that Kol was less than 30 years old during the examination.

The SP and BJP candidates had submitted their paperwork earlier on Monday.

Kol was attended by several prominent SP figures, but party leader Akhilesh Yadav was not present.

Kol's nomination paperwork is sloppy, which makes it unclear how seriously the SP decided to nominate her.

The SP had revealed Kirti Kol's identity, who has a tribal heritage, via the party's official Twitter account.

Speaking to News18, SP spokesperson Anurag Bhaduaria stated that he is unaware of the reasons why the nomination was turned down. "It is difficult to fight with the BJP in UP because they use every tactic at their disposal, whether legal or criminal, to undermine the opposition parties. We'll examine the grounds for the papers' rejection.

Even though it was assumed that the BJP will win both seats, many people questioned why the SP fielded Kol despite having insufficient support.

Alok Awasthi, a spokesman for the UP BJP, attributed the mishap to the SP. How could the SP have been unaware that the minimum age was greater than 30? A careless candidate was fielded by the SP.

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