Birendra Lakra, a former hockey player and current DSP with Odisha Police, is accused of killing a f

Updated: Jul 19

Birendra Lakra, an Indian hockey player, is charged with murdering his friend Anand Tappo with the assistance of his girlfriend.

Birendra and Anand were cohabiting in an apartment beneath Bhubaneswar, according to a police complaint made by the deceased's father, Bandhan Tappo.

According to Bandhan, the two got into a fight over Anand's girlfriend Manjit Tete, and on

On February 28 Birendra and Manjit assassinated Anand with the assistance of a friend.

He further stated that Birendra and Manjit attempted to cover up the incident by framing it as suicide.

"Birendra said that he was playing music on his iPod when Anand passed away, whilst Manjit and Anand were inside the house. Manjit, on the other hand, asserted that she was present when the incident happened. An argument between Birendra and Anand was brought on by Manjot. Manjit and Birendra killed Anand during a dispute, according to Bandhan.

According to sources, Birendra Lakra is scheduled to face the media on Tuesday and clarify his position. As of the time of writing, he has not responded to the accusations.

The former Indian Hockey Vice-Captain and Olympic bronze medallist Birendra joined the Odisha Police on February 17 as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

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