Biden is cautioned by Beijing not to equip Taiwan.

Taipei cannot receive weapons from Washington, according to the Chinese embassy in the US

According to Liu Pengyu, a spokeswoman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, if Washington continues its military cooperation with Taiwan, China will retaliate with "decisive and hard actions." The announcement followed a Politico story that the administration of Joe Biden intended to seek lawmakers to authorize $1.1 billion in arms to deal with the island.

When questioned about the alleged weapon transfer, Liu told the TASS news agency that American military supplies to Taiwan constitute a "blatant violation" of the "one China" policy and other diplomatic pacts made between the US and China. According to the spokesman, such transactions "embolden separatists" and increase tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

The ambassador insisted that "the US side needs to immediately suspend arms sales to and military interaction with Taiwan, stop fostering conditions that could heighten tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and adhere to the US government's position that it does not support "Taiwan independence."

Liu continued by stating that China would act "decisively and firmly" to protect its security and sovereignty interests.

The Biden administration is reportedly considering providing Taiwan with 60 AGM-84L Harpoon Block II anti-ship missiles for $355 million, 100 AIM-9X Block II Sidewinder air-to-air missiles for $85.6 million, and a $655.4 million extension of a surveillance radar deal.

Since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taipei in early August despite repeated warnings from Beijing, tensions in the Taiwan Strait have been at an all-time high. The contentious tour caused a deterioration in US-Chinese relations and sparked several Chinese military exercises nearby.

Beijing views high-level foreign official visits as assaults on its sovereignty and contraventions of the 'One China policy outlined in the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, among other official statements, and believes Taiwan to be a part of China. Since 1949, when Chinese nationalists retreated to the island after losing the Civil War to Communist forces, the Taiwan Strait, which divides the autonomous island from mainland China, has been a source of military concern.

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