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Bhuvneshwer Kumar Shared His Daughter First Photo His Wife

Indian Team's fast bowler Bhuvneshwer Kumar became a father last month When his wife Nupur Nagar gave birth to a daughter, The day after the wedding anniversary, the day became even more special for Bhuvneshwer as the house reverberated. He has now shared the picture of his daughter with the fans for the first time by sharing the photo. Although he has not yet the reason why fans are also asking what they have named her.

Bhuvneshwer Kumar first picture of daughter on Instagram

As soon as this bowler shared the first picture of this daughter on Instagram. Social media was flooded with messages from fans who loved him. Fans want to know what Bhuvneshwer Kumar has named his daughter. Bhuvi's father also passed away in the same year. After a long illness situation, after the birth of the daughter, happiness has shared returning to her house.

Bhuvi was Not part of the Team During India's Tour of South Africa

Bhuvi is not part of during India's tour of South Africa. He has not been given a place in the Test Team. This is the reason why he is now waiting to get a place in the ODI team on this tour. The ODI series between India and South Africa will start on January 19. It is believed that the ODI team will be announced by the beginning of the new year.

Bhuvneshwer Kumar was part of the T20 team during New Zealand's tour of India. During this his performance was mediocre. He could take only three wickets in three matches.

The daughter's name still remains a puzzle for fans

Indian team's fast bowler Bhuvneshwer Kumar (Bhuvneshwer Kumar Daughter) has recently become a father. Wife Nupur Nagar has given birth to a daughter. Bhuvi shared the first picture of the daughter with the fans on Sunday night. In this picture, he is seen with his wife and newborn. Bhuvnshwer's daughter is in his lap and his wife in a red suit is also present. The name of his daughter still remains a puzzle for the fans.

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