Worldwide news | Bezos spacecraft runs into an "anomaly"

Shortly after taking off from Texas, a Blue Origin rocket exploded.

On Monday, a Blue Origin space launch from Texas went disastrously wrong when the booster rocket exploded soon after takeoff. Nobody was hurt in the incident, and the capsule carrying about thirty experiments was able to separate without any problems. However, pending a government probe, Jeff Bezos' company will now experience delays to its suborbital tourist flights.

Monday's launch was delayed by one minute and four seconds due to an orange flare and explosion from the New Shepard rocket. By descending from a height of 8.8 kilometersLivestreamand using parachutes to land on the earth, the top capsule avoided being destroyed.

After the explosion, Blue Origin's Erika Wagner commented on the launch of Livestream, "It looks we've suffered an abnormality with today's mission." "This was unexpected, and we do not yet know the specifics, but our crew capsule was able to successfully evacuate."

About an hour later, the business tweeted, "We're responding to an issue this morning at our Launch Site One facility in West Texas." "There were no astronauts on board; it was a cargo mission. The escape mechanism for the capsule worked as intended.

According to Blue Origin, the NS-23 flight delivered "36 payloads from academics, research institutes, and students around the world." NASA supported half of them, according to AP. The explosion destroyed the two experiments that were mounted on the rocket.

It was the eighth launch of this specific launcher and capsule, which is a little different from what Blue Origin utilizes for its "tourist" suborbital missions. The most famous of these trips carried Bezos and actor William Shatner to the edge of space.

31 people have thus far been launched on New Shepard rockets by Blue Origin, with August being the most recent. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), all of its launches have been suspended pending the conclusion of the inquiry into the accident.

Due to severe weather, Monday's launch was postponed by over two weeks. After NASA postponed the launch of its Artemis 1 lunar mission due to a fuel leak, Blue Origin's incident occurred roughly a week later.

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