Bennifer 2.0 recently made their debut on the red carpet. More Need Not Be Said.

The couple attracted attention when they showed up to see The Last Duel.

In New Delhi: So, when did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck last appear on the red carpet together? The solution lies in last night. It's true what you just read! The "will they, won't they" argument may never end, but for now, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Hollywood's new-old couple, appear to be on the right track. At the 78th Venice Film Festival's Venice Lido screening of The Last Duel, the couple made an eye-catching entrance together on the red carpet. The stylish red carpet premiere of Bennifer 2.0.

In a white Georges Hobeika gown, JLo looked stunning as always, while Ben matched her with a black suit. The couple could be spotted strolling together down the red carpet. View the images here:

On the singer's 52nd birthday, JLo posted a photo of her and Ben kissing, making their relationship Instagram official. View the images here:

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted taking a quasi-vacation in Montana earlier this year, rumors about their relationship began to circulate. According to reports, the couple was also sighted at JLo's Miami beach home. Additionally, there have been rumors of the couple sharing secret kisses during workouts. The co-stars of Gigi were married in 2002. But two years later, it ended in a divorce. JLo and Ben Affleck were wed to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner, respectively, and then got divorced. They split from their respective partners this year as well. Ben Affleck was dating the actress Ana de Armas, whereas JLo was previously dating Alex Rodriguez.

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