Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez sobbed together: Employee of the Chapel Shares Wedding Information

"Both of them were affected. Right behind them, the children were there "An Employee of the wedding location said

Washington: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck just got married, and although the 52-year-old actor hasn't released any photos from the celebration in Las Vegas, a staff member from A Little White Wedding Chapel has revealed some of the specifics of "Bennifer's" special moments.

Kenosha Booth, a worker at the Little White Wedding Chapel, was present as the couple exchanged vows at the Las Vegas location on Saturday. She spoke about the "exciting moment" when Lopez and Affleck entered the room during an interview that aired on Good Morning America on Tuesday, according to People.

"As we prepared to close, a special guest dropped by as a walk-in." "I started to tremble a little. Oh my god, this is Jennifer Lopez, and we're getting married, I think." Booth Portis dished out.

She said that Lopez and Affleck "were reading each other's vows, and they were quite nice."

"Both of them were affected. They sobbed together. Right behind them, the children were there "the worker at the wedding location remarked.

Lopez "had on a wonderful, gorgeous, beige, lacy-type outfit," she added. "On it was a train. The veil was lovely. Everything was elegant and slick. She was gorgeous." "She had a lovely white bouquet, and he did too, with a matching boutonniere."

Booth Portis shared his wedding recollections, saying, "It was lovely. Although it wasn't emotional, they both started crying. Jennifer appeared gorgeous."

The song they played was traditional, per People magazine. Booth Portis was startled when the couple entered the "Here Comes the Bride" procession; she didn't realize it was Affleck and Lopez until they handed her the paperwork.

In her weekly email "On the JLo," Lopez, 52, said on Sunday that she and Affleck, 49, were married at A Little White Chapel.

She stated in the newsletter that the ceremony was "exactly what we wanted," adding, "So with the best witnesses you could ever imagine, a dress from an old movie and a jacket from Ben's closet, we read our vows in the little chapel and gave one another the rings we'll wear for the rest of our lives."

The newlyweds "intend on holding a bigger celebration so they can celebrate with family and friends," a source confirmed to People magazine. "Their honeymoon has not yet been scheduled. According to Jennifer, every day spent with Ben is a honeymoon." According to a source, "Their honeymoon has not yet been scheduled. According to Jennifer, every day spent with Ben is a honeymoon."

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