Belgrade: Seven nations are prepared to withdraw their recognition of Kosovo.

President Vucic referred to this as a diplomatic success for Serbia.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic asserted on Saturday that Belgrade had persuaded seven states to revoke their recognition of Kosovo. He did not mention any of the nations, but praised this as a diplomatic success for Serbia, demonstrating that most of the world backs Belgrade.

In a speech to the country, Vucic stated, "At this time, there are seven documents verifying Kosovo's derecognition in my drawer and the drawer of the Minister of Foreign Affairs." He stated that Belgrade had "also worked" with Vietnam and Kenya, two countries from whom Pristina is requesting recognition. But it's still unclear whether these two countries' attitudes toward Kosovo have altered in any manner.

Instead, Vucic claimed that in the face of Kosovo's "continuous" efforts to win over the world to its cause, his country's ambassadors "did not sit quietly by." He continued, "As of right now, there are seven nations that have withdrawn their recognition, up from four."

Despite not naming them, Serbia's foreign minister Nikola Selakovic claimed in May that four countries had stopped recognizing Kosovo. He said at the time that these countries would be named when needed.

Vucic spoke as an agreement on travel freedom had been achieved between Serbia and Kosovo. Pristina announced that it will provide the same rights to anyone with Serbian IDs, including Kosovo Serbs living in the northern part of the breakaway province, while Belgrade promised to allow holders of Kosovo IDs to freely travel to Serbia. According to Vucic, the action was only performed "for practical reasons" and is not a step towards Belgrade recognizing Pristina.

Following weeks of tension between Serbia and Kosovo, the EU brokered an agreement. License plates are one of the outstanding issues causing tension between Pristina and Belgrade.

Since Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, fewer than half of UN member states have given it recognition. Greece, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain have yet to formally acknowledge Kosovo as an EU member state.

Eleven of the G20's members acknowledge it, whereas eight do not. Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Indonesia, and Mexico are among the countries that do not acknowledge the independence of the breakaway territory.

Belgrade has previously asserted that it was successful in getting 18 countries to revoke their recognition of Kosovo. The majority of the nationalities on the list of alleged perpetrators, according to the Serbian authorities, are from the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Such claims are dismissed as "Serbian propaganda" in Kosovo.

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