World headlines | Beijing continues its drills with Taiwan

The ongoing military drills include preparation for amphibious assault.

Despite previous plans that stated they would go until mid-Sunday, the Chinese military indicated its drills around Taiwan will continue on Monday. They were started in response to Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House, visiting the island.

According to a statement issued by China's Eastern Theater Command, the training on Monday will take place in the sea and airspace close to the self-governing island and will concentrate on anti-submarine and amphibious assault operations.

The People's Liberation Army announced a second extension of the exercises close to Taiwan on Monday. The training was initially scheduled to end at about noon on Sunday.

Despite Beijing's protests, China began a series of maneuvers near the island after Pelosi visited there. The visit was viewed by the Chinese government as a challenge to its assertion of Taiwanese sovereignty.

The island served as the last bastion of the nationalist troops that the US supported but were defeated in the Chinese Civil War of the 1940s. In the course of its diplomatic reconciliation with China in the 1970s, Washington formally changed its recognition from Taipei to Beijing. However, the US has continued to have unofficial ties with Taiwan.

Pelosi asserted that the purpose of her visit to the island, the first by a US politician of her rank in 25 years, was to defend "democracy" in opposition to "authoritarian governments." Beijing asserted that in addition to starting military drills, it also launched sanctions against Pelosi and Taiwan and fostered secessionism.

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