BCCI is planning to submit a bid to host the Women's 50-over World Cup in 2025.

The ICC flagship event will return to India after more than ten years if India were to win the proposal.

Team of Indian women's cricketers (Reuters)

The Women's 50-over World Cup will most likely be held in India in 2025 thanks to the BCCI's plans to submit a proposal for the major tournament.

The ICC flagship event will return to India after more than ten years if India were to win the proposal.

A women's 50-over World Cup was last contested in India in 2013 when Australia won after defeating the West Indies by 114 runs in the championship game in Mumbai.

It has been learned that the bids for the four major women's ICC events for the upcoming cycle will be approved during the ICC's Annual Conference, which is taking place in Birmingham.

India will be the favorite to host the international ODI competition in 2025.

"Four events for women are up to bids. The ICC T20 World Cups in 2024 and 2026, as well as the 2025 ODI World Cup, are the most notable of them "An ICC Board member who requested anonymity spoke to PTI.

The 2016 World T20 was the last major international women's cricket event to be hosted in India, but that was mostly because the ICC used to host both men's and women's events concurrently.

The growth of women's sports has, however, transformed the system, and the International Cricket Council (ICC) has separated the events to ensure that women's sports receive the necessary value, including a separate broadcast agreement and exclusive coverage.

However, since its inception in 1973, two years before the men's mega event began in England in 1975, the 50 over Women's World Cup has existed as a standalone competition.

The tournament was three times hosted by India: in 1978, 1997, and 2013.

ICC insiders believed that the BCCI made a wise decision if they intend to bid for the 2025 ODI event.

"Since BCCI is confident that the Women's IPL would begin to play in the upcoming season, I don't believe they would choose to stage another major T20 women's event immediately away. Consequently, making a bid for the 2025 World Cup seems sensible "said the source.

The hosts and the top five teams from the ICC Women's Championship (IWC) 2022–2025 will receive direct entry into the 2025 Women's World Cup.

Six teams will compete in a worldwide qualifier to determine the final two teams. Six teams will compete in the qualifier, four of them will come from the IWC (rankings after the top five teams) and the other two from the ICC Women's ODI Team Rankings.

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