Bbc us news| Band's "Relentless" charges force them to cancel European dates

Due to the "relentless escalation in touring expenditures," one band had to postpone its dates on their European tour.

The Nottinghamshire band Ferocious Dog claimed that "inflation had made touring for musicians incredibly tough."

Dan Booth, a violinist, reported that they just spent £6,000 on travel expenses and two performances in Poland.

Since Brexit, musicians have faced higher costs for acquiring visas and shipping instruments; the government has been encouraged to address this issue.

On Facebook, Mr. Booth stated: "Just to put things in perspective, it cost us over £6k to support Flogging Molly on the two shows in Poland.

"Flights, hiring a backline for two occasions, a minibus and driver, and other factors all contributed to this. I sincerely hope that this clarifies the current situation.

Touring fees are extremely absurd when carnet costs from Brexit are added on.

Carnets are export/import documents used to move products and business tools.

"As soon as you get in Dover, they take you away for about an hour while they stamp your carnet.

"They hardly even glance at what's on the bus, which lengthens your travel by nine out of ten times.

"Due to Covid, everyone has resumed their tours. Everything that is offered costs extra."

Ferocious Dog listed the following as tour expenses:

The 2022 performances by Ferocious Dog in Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne, Aschaffenburg, and Munich had to be postponed and rescheduled.

For the first quarter of 2023, they have many gigs scheduled in the Netherlands. To create a brief European tour, they intend to combine the rescheduled dates with the performances in the Netherlands.

"We hope you appreciate that it is out of our hands, inflation has made touring for bands quite challenging," said Ferocious Dog.

However, we can't wait to visit our European Hellhounds when we return!

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