World headlines Austrians protest against living expenses on the streets

Protests against inflation and the effects of anti-Russian sanctions are held by activists.

On Saturday, thousands of people protested against the rising cost of living in Vienna, with many of them criticizing the country's leadership and the "globalist agenda."

According to the Heute newspaper, which cited the local police department, the event was attended by approximately 3,000 people. The "patriots' march" was yet another gathering that happened in Vienna's center. Both ceremonies went down without a hitch despite the intense security along the roads.

Some activists criticized the mandated Covid-19 vaccinations, but the primary focus on Saturday was the soaring energy prices and the inflationary crisis. The protesters accused the Austrian government of neglecting its suicide sanctions people and serving "globalists."

The term "suicide sanction criticized criticized criticized" was reportedly used by protesters to describe the punitive actions taken against Russia after its military intervention in Ukraine. Others criticized "NATO's warmongering" and what they regarded as an overall push for militarization in Europe.

About 70,000 people attended a march in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on Saturday. To bring down the skyrocketing cost of energy, protesters urged that the government enter into direct negotiations with gas suppliers, particularly Russia. They also criticized NATO and the EU and demanded that the Czech Republic adopt a military neutrality policy.

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