Take a Photo | Austrian Alps hiker perishes after falling from summit while attempting.

The 77-year-old German trekked to the Greitspitze, an elevation of 29,400 feet on the Austrian-Swiss border, with the assistance of a 63-year-old Spanish woman.

In Berlin According to authorities, a man has died after falling from a peak in the Austrian Alps while attempting to take a picture of a friend with whom he had reached the summit.

According to Tyrol province police, the 77-year-old German and his friend, a 63-year-old Spanish woman, walked to the Greitspitze on Sunday, a peak that is 9,400 feet above sea level on the Austrian-Swiss border.

The man photographed the woman standing next to the cross that marks the summit before moving back to snap another picture from a distance, according to a statement from the police. He lost his balance and tumbled down a 200-foot rock face, suffering devastating injuries. It appears that he was unaware that he was so near to the edge.

A witness who was present at the summit at the time alerted the rescue services. Police helicopters recovered the man's body.

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