Scott morrison | Australia's PM claims that his predecessor's covert roles "undermined democracy."

The current prime minister, Anthony Albanese, called it "absolutely astounding" that the Morrison government kept the Australian people in the dark about these appointments.

The secret appointment of Scott Morrison as minister of home affairs and treasury during the Covid-19 outbreak, in addition to the previously disclosed portfolios of health, finance, and resources, according to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, "undermined our democracy."

Senior members of his criticized party and its coalition partner, the National Party, who were ignorant of the arrangements have criticized Morrison, who resigned as the leader of the Liberal Party after losing an election in May.

Following a review of the situation by the Prime Minister's office, Albanese informed the media that Morrison had assumed the portfolios of resources, home affairs, and treasury in April 2021, health in March 2020, and finance in May 2021.

He declared that it was "absolutely astounding" that the Morrison government had kept the Australian people in the dark about these appointments.

On Monday, the solicitor general will provide Albanese with legal counsel on the matter. Albanese criticized the Morrison administration for allowing the prime minister to consolidate authority.

Karen Andrews, a former home affairs minister in Morrison's administration, claimed she was unaware that Morrison also served in that capacity and demanded his resignation from the House of Representatives.

After Albanese's news conference, Andrews, a member of the Liberal Party, told ABC radio that "you can't govern in a cloak of secrecy."

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