Fbi seized | Attorney: Trump's team is unaware of the contents of the FBI raid.

The former president's attorney claims that the FBI's "inventory list" was "borderline useless."

According to Trump lawyer Lindsey Halligan, who told Fox News on Monday that the FBI's list of goods confiscated was "borderline worthless," the former US president and his attorneys are still unsure of what was taken during the FBI's search on his Florida home last week.

Halligan lamented the list's lack of specifics, saying, "We have asked for a real inventory description of what was taken." It doesn't specify what was taken or where the documents were, she continued. "We have serious doubts about whether they had the right to take certain actions."

"There is no doubt that Donald Trump and everyone else are subject to distinct rules set by the Department of Justice. When various rules are written for different people, the entire system suffers "Added is.

The attorney claimed that the FBI also declined to explain why it had seized the documents, including whether or not they were "evidence" in any investigation and what, if anything, they intended to do with the information.

Agents were permitted to take anything marked "classified" or otherwise connected to "transmission of national defense information or classified material" according to the search warrant used to raid the home, which highlighted possible Espionage Act herde fenseoffenses. Eleven sets of sensitive documents were among the items that were taken.

Trump asserted that he had already declassified the records discovered there and charged that the agents had stolen records covered by the attorney-client and executive privilege. The Justice Department informed reporters that the president's passports had been returned to his attorneys, even though they had also been removed.

Halligan claimed FBI officials ordered the ex-attorney president to turn off security cameras during the search because they were not allowed to watch it take place.

Asserting that it "follows search and seizure procedures ordered by courts, then returns items that do not need to be held for law enforcement reasons," the FBI defended its actions in a statement on Monday.

Republicans have demanded that the Justice Department release the affidavit that served as the basis for the search warrant, arguing that doing so will demonstrate that the raid was not merely a "fishing expedition" by a politically motivated administration out to end Trump's chances of making a comeback.

Democrats have replied that more inquiry is required and called for a determination of the potential harm done to national security as a result of Trump having secret documents in his home.

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