At age 78, Roland Mesnier, a pastry chef for five presidents, passed away.

Rosalynn Carter, the first lady, hired Mesnier in 1979, who was known for his spectacular gingerbread mansions. Mesnier resigned during the George W. Bush administration.

In Washington White House executive pastry chef Roland Mesnier, who frequently produced wonderful sweets for five presidents and their visitors, passed away at the age of 78.

The White House Historical Association, which reported that he passed away on Friday after a brief illness, verified his passing on Saturday.

Rosalynn Carter, the first lady at the time, hired Mesnier, one of the chefs who worked at the White House for the longest, and he retired during the George W. Bush administration.

In 2004, when responding to inquiries in an online "Ask the White House" forum, he revealed that he frequently had to make thousands of pastries when making desserts not only for the first family but also for parties, receptions, and dinners. According to him, he planned the number of pastries based on the number of guests.

In the 25 years that Mesnier has worked here, he has discovered that Democrats typically consume more food than Republicans. I've also noticed that when there are predominantly female guests, they seem to consume more pastries than men.

He became well-known for the beautiful gingerbread houses he created to help adorn the White House over the Christmas season. Additionally, he claimed that he needed to prepare more pastries than usual for holiday gatherings because some of them had a propensity to "slip into pocketbooks or pockets" and frequently turned up as Christmas tree decorations in people's houses.

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