Old president | Assassination attempt' on the former president of Argentina

Aman was detained because it appeared that she was pointing a gun toward Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner outside her house.

Local media released a video that purports to show a man in a crowd pointing a gun towards the vice president's face, but the gun does not discharge.

In the event outside her Buenos Aires residence, Ms. de Kirchner was unharmed.

The lawmaker was coming home from the court while facing a corruption trial. She rejects the accusations.

Hundreds of protestors have congregated outside the 69-year-home old's in the capital in recent days to show their support.

Sergio Massa, Argentina's secretary of the economy, referred to the attempted shooting as an "attempted assassination."

He wrote in a tweet, "When hate and violence triumph over the discussion, society is destroyed and things like this: attempted assassination" come about.

An "armed" guy had been detained close to Ms. De Kirchner's residence, a police official told Reuters, and "a weapon was found a few meters from the site." They said that the man might have been born in Brazil.

Between 2007 to 2015, Ms. de Kirchner presided over Argentina as president.

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