Aspiring UK PM is "ready to use nukes"

During a Conservative leadership contest, Liz Truss declared she was ready to unleash nuclear annihilation.

Liz Truss, the front-runner for the Conservative leadership, stated at the hustings on Tuesday in Birmingham, UK, that she feels "ready" to fire Trident nuclear weapons and that making such decisions is an "essential role of the prime minister."

The foreign secretary made no more mention of the nation against which the UK might be persuaded to use nuclear weapons. She has frequently attacked Russia on the campaign trail with hawkish rhetoric, and she is a fervent supporter of the Ukrainian cause.

By the end of the decade, Truss also promised to increase military spending by 3% of GDP.

The miserable situation of the British economy, which is beset by high inflation, high gas costs, and an escalating cost of living that is becoming unaffordable, has been attributed by both candidates to unilateral constraints imposed by London and its allies.

Putin's planned attendance at the upcoming G20 conference in Indonesia has also drawn criticism from Truss and Sunak, Sunak wants to see him completely blacklisted and Truss stated she would rather personally confront him there.

Politico reports that as of Tuesday, Truss was leading former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak by 26 points. Whoever wins will take over as prime minister in Boris Johnson's place.

Sunak was one of the first to leave his position in Johnson's cabinet, while Truss was one of the few high-ranking officials who refrained from leaving despite the scandals, citing devotion as her justification.

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