Asian city-states will no longer require indoor masks

Due to low infection rates, Singapore will shortly take a step toward eliminating all of its Covid limitations.

One of the island's few remaining Covid containment regulations will be eliminated when the Republic of Singapore announces the lifting of its indoor mask requirement.

As of August 29, or the start of the following week, the mask requirement will be phased out, according to Health Minister Ong Ye Kung, who told reporters on Wednesday that only healthcare facilities and public transportation will still need citizens to cover their faces.

Starting the next Monday, the government will abolish the requirement for an obligatory seven-day quarantine period, which will result in further limits being loosened for non-vaccinated travelers.

The health minister emphasized that almost 70% of Singapore's population had previously had the illness and that re-infection rates are "extremely low," thus the small island nation relaxed the majority of its coronavirus regulations and essentially reopened its business earlier this year. Additionally, more than 90% of Singapore's 5.5 million citizens have received the disease vaccine, which helps to keep mortality low in comparison to neighboring nations.

As Singapore's most recent wave of illnesses decreased, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong hinted that the masking regulations might soon be relaxed during a speech on Sunday. He said that more information would be provided later. Figures from the Health Ministry show that as of August 20, there were only 3,000 daily cases, down from a peak of 10,000 earlier this summer.

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