As the network cancels the "Reliable Sources" show, Brian Stelter leaves CNN.

Former President Donald Trump frequently criticized the American TV news network. The three-decade-old program "Reliable Sources" will now be removed by the new top management in keeping with its new strategy to be less "politically confrontational."

The 30-year-old show "Reliable Sources" on CNN has been canceled, and its anchor Brian Stelter has left the network as a result of the recent changes made by newly recruited CEO Chris Licht to make the channel less confrontational.

Additionally, according to the New York Post, the network's chairman and CEO Licht told the workers that "additional adjustments" are anticipated after the revelation of its momentous decision to take the show off the air.

Why the move?

The decision to end the channel's popular show is consistent with Chris Licht, the recently hired CEO, who has prioritized making the channel less divisive politically. Additionally, he has made it clear within the company that he is not interested in the network's battle between CNN and Fox News. Brianna Keilar, the "New Day" anchor for the network who was well known for criticizing Fox News, stopped doing so once Licht was appointed.

The channel's image among Republican and Conservative viewers suffered as a result of Donald Trump's constant criticism and the news personalities' political incisive commentary.

Who is Brian Stelter?

American journalist Brian Stelter, 36, moved from The New York Times, where he was a writer, to CNN. In August 2020, Stelter published a book titled "Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth." According to The Washington Post, he followed Fox Journalistics' development from a serious news organization to the present, when it is affiliated with former President Donald Trump.

Reliable Sources: Watchdog of media

The description of the Sunday-only, a weekly program on CNN's website states, "showing the story behind the story, how the news is made." The program focused on the media industry.

With its final show slated for coming Sunday after more than three decades, Stelter took over as host in 2013. At a time when the press has never been more important, it was a rare privilege for him to be in charge of a weekly show about the media, he added. On Sunday, I'll have more to say.

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